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I found out I was pregnant 5 weeks ago. about a week ago I started getting burning sensation when I peed, itchy , sore , red rashy around that area. last night I went to the bathroom noticed some slight very light bleeding but because this is my first pregnancy I got scared and went to the hospital right away. found out that I have an yeast infection and a blatter infection so I got some pills to get rid of it as well as cream. the bleeding stopped after 10 minutes and for the rest of the night. the doctor said its normal to spot early in a pregnancy in the 12 weeks and when you have a yeast infection too. this morning when I woke up there was some darker red brown blood on my underwear and some went I peed. but as soon as i got to the hospital it stopped. again scared me so I went to get another opinion and they made me think that I had def lost my baby they took it as worst case possible and still are I got blood and urnine samples , the first ultra sound didn't work because I didn't have a full blatter, so she tried and internal ultra exam. but since of my yeast infection it hurt to bad to get it in there. after that I've been bleeding very lightly like spitting is that normal ? as well I had another ultra sound with a full blatter after, 3 doctors pushing on my belly and the internal exam I'm experiencing some cramping like Period crowing gets tense and than goes away for a bit and comes back steady for a while and than leaves again. the bleeding is still very very light spotting and very light colored. they also are making me go dor blood test every second day for the next week and than another ultra sound next friday ill be 6 weeks than. could it be from the truma that it went through today ???


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