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Pregnant or Stress?

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I need all of your help! I recently had the thought of me being pregnant. Symptoms such as feeling bloated, nausea (no vomiting), tired, head aches, and I am always hungry.
However, I have been under a lot of stress lately. And have been going through a lot in my home life, but have been making changes so i am not as stressed like eating better and such. PLEASE HELP ASAP:) thankyou


How can we help you?


OMG! Thats exactly the same way I have been feeling in the last week or so, I did a pregnancy test twice and have come back negative. Everytime I eat something I feel nauseated.If anyone can tell us what is going on that would be great!!


The weather has been changing, and there are a few bugs going around. Maybe you caught a simple stomach flu.

Pregnancy tests aren't accurate until at least three weeks late for your period.