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pregnant after crime

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I was raped and became pregnant from it. I've always been against abortions and said "even in that circumstance, I still wouldn't abort" but it's hard. I don't know what to do! i'm only 18!


abort, or adopt it out.

I'm sorry.

Children destroy a lot of your chances in life. It makes study harder and success less likely. Studies show that the younger a woman is when she has kids, the less successful she is in life. Earnings, career, standard of living wise.

Im sorry, Its a shitty situation to be in.

Is the guy dead?


No, he's awaiting trial right now.


Don't believe those "statistics" I know plenty of successful women that have bright careers, whom had a child at a young age. If you want to do something a child doesn't stop you if anything it should encourage you. In college I knew a lot of girls who got pregnant, and kept their babies and others who aborted, and it's different for everyone. Some regret getting "rid of it", (bc that connections, and thoughts never go away)& many of those who kept it say they do not regret it, and that they can't imagine anything else. It is all up to you... talk to your mother, and a counselor. Do what YOU feel is best for you.


i dont want to apear mean, but what are you going to tell her to do when the man who raped her gets cort ordered visitation rights?

Google the words; rapist visitation rights. It happenes all the time. The man is legally the father and he can spin his story if he is smart. Rape can be hard to prosecute. especially if its date rape. Just imagine having to see your rapist every other weekend. I found four women in news articles who have to do just that. and the man involved in those cases were convicted for the rape. (it's totally ridiculous and makes you wonder what the judges were thinking).

The legal system is broken and its unrealistic to expect it to do the right thing.

I stand by my suggestion to adopt the child out.

Again I'm very sorry this happened to you and hope this guy fries.


Hi there,

I would like to say that you are very brave, never abort a life that is groing inside of you. It is an inocent little baby. if you aren't ready to be a mother then yes give your baby up for adoption. You won't be unsucessfull or anything if you decide to keep the baby . . . it depends what you make out of live.

Hope all is well . . . remember that no matter what you do the man up there will be looking out for you and you baby. Jesus never leaves our side.

I wish you the best, for you and your baby.