Opinion: Who many kids is too many?
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How many kids is too many? What is your ideal family size?



If you're rich and can afford taking care of them and sending them to school then I would say as many as you can afford.

But I think two is my limit! Boy and girl..haha



I agree... I want at least one though...



Ask Octomom! Haha! Talk about family size! as if one set of octuplets is not enough! I would not want 16 kids but a couple for me will do!



Ocutplets wat? How many is that? Born and raise in teh country here, until I mmoved out for college. 5th of 6 kids in the family. But were not rich. My parents took care of us good. Its fun going home on holidays wiht a big family.. . with the addition of the families of my older brothers and sisters. :D



Yeah Octomom really takes the cake! I would like at least one child though. Financially this is all I can afford right now...hehe



If your like rich, then a dozen or so! It doesnt matter as long as you can feed them and afford to send them to college! I dont want to be Octomom or John and Kate! A couple will do!



like they say, the more the merrier lol ;P



2 for me - a boy and girl



I totally agree with most of you. Raising kids take a lot of responsibility. You have to be ready emotionally, financially and mentally...WHEW!



Octomom is a single mom and Jon and Kate got divorced! So maybe a boy and girl will do it for me! Haha....



I totally agree Octomom and Jon and Kate need lessons in family planning! 2 kids for me too!



How many kids does Octomom have? 14/16? That's 12-14 too many for me! LOL! Even Bill Gates only has 3 kids!



anything over 3 is a lot for me. And now Jon and Kate are divorced/divorcing? What's gonna happen to their 8 kids? Tsk Tsk!



Depends on financial availability. If I were Bill Gates I would probably have more kids though! But alas, I can only afford a couple!



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