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Might be pregnant. help please...

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hey im a 15 year old girl and i have regular periods. me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex rarely, but when we do he never cums at all. he doesnt pull out and cum or anything, he pulls out before he does anything, so its odd because ive had periods before when weve done this. i was expecting my period on sep 9 or the 11th, and today is the 14th, so im about 3-5 days late. i usually dont have irregular/late periods, but i recently began school and had 6 hour soccer practices during my cycle, and apparently stress and exercise can delay your period? i dont know. nothing is really out of the ordinary for me, everything is business as usual, only the late period. its really upsetting me and my boyfriend of a year, and we're both really stressed out and have problems sleeping at night. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out or give me any info if i could be pregnant or not. Thank you


The pull and pray method of birth control is a hotly debated subject. But in general its known as the least reliable form of birth control with the highest failure rate. Personally I consider it to be gambling.

As far as I know, (someone correct me if I'm wrong.)there is no minimum age to buy condoms. If your boyfriend doesn't have enough backbone to walk into a store and buy a small pack of condoms, you shouldn't be sleeping with him.