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hi i want to know is it possible to get pregnant during periods(mensturation)? If yes then plzz let me know d symptoms. As m nt havng my periods from last 2 months.


There is quite a debate on the topic of getting pregnant during your period. Some very concerned people say, Yes you can. Personally I think they are being overly cautious. I doubt that you can get pregnant during your period because the egg has already passed the uterus and the process of dropping the uterus walls have started by then.

If you had sex during the middle or end of your period, I don't think there is any chance you are pregnant. If you had sex on the first day of your period, then there may be a very, very slight chance that you may be pregnant.

Personally I doubt it.


If you haven't had your period in 2 months then get a home pregnancy test. If you get a negative result then go to the doctor's because there are medical conditions that cause your period to stop and its better to be safe than sorry. It is possible to get pregnant on the first day of your period (happened to my best friend). Good luck!


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