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I'm confused..

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Okay this might be too much information.. But I'm going to ask any ways. I've had an extreme increase in vaginal discharge. I have had this 'problem' for a few weeks now and I haven't even been ovulating.. I've had three times of unprotected sex in the last oh three weeks this means like three separate days but multiple times each time.. Same guy.. He pulled out everytime. We made sure there was no semen present before we had anymore sex.. I'm Thinking I'm okay. But my last period was shorter last time and three days late.. Idk. Maybe you could help..


Could be as simple as stress. There is a chance of his pre cum having sperm in it still though. If you are more than 5 days late for your period then I would get a home pregnancy test, they are pretty inexpensive and only take a few minutes. If you test with one too early you could get a false negative though, so its very important to make sure that you take it after your missed period would have ended. If you're not ready for children then please be more careful, use condoms or some sort of birth control other than just pulling out.


Look at your discharge. You may have an infection. check it for cloudiness, odd color, and odor. If you have any of these you may be getting an infection. If everything looks normal, then its just your body.

The sex drives and reproductive system has high points and low points. There are times when your horny all the time, and there are points where you really aren't interested in sex. Your natural lubricant is the same way. Sometimes its thin, sometimes it thicker, sometimes your dryer, and sometimes you get very wet. Remember that your reproductive system is a chemical controlled machine. Chemicals in your environment can effect it.