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how to get pregnant naturally

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Do you have some "how to get pregnant naturally tips"? :)


Have sex normally? just joking! You can follow the calendar method and have sex during your fertile days. This should increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.


Buy an ovulation thermometer (i don't know exact term) and monitor your temperature. If it is the right temp, have sex to increase chances of getting pregnant.


1. Chart your period to know when you ovulate
2. Have sex during your fertile period
3. relax and let nature take its course


relax, avoid stress and try not to think about it. but their suggestions work too


have lots of sex...just kidding but yeah have lots of sex during your fertile period.


raise your legs for 20 mins after intercourse to help the sperm reach the destination


are you sure about that trick lorraine? or did you really mean raise my legs while doing it? hehe ok sorry, cudnt help that


time your sexual intercourse. have sex when fertile and ovulating. eat foods with lots of folic acid too