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How Painful is Labor?

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How painful is labor pain? Seriously?


If you want a scale where 1 is like being constipated and 10 feeling like your being split into two, then labor is a 15 - being split into two while seeing stars and almost passing out because of the extreme pain... lol!


WAY OFF THE CHARTS! But totally worth it!


You think: Hubby will never ever touch me again! He will forever sleep on the couch! This is the last kid I am going to have! And I wanna Go HOME now!!! haha! But yeah totally worth it :)


Indescribable and unmeasurable but the rewards are well worth it!


you will never know till you've tried it... *evil laugh* ;P


This is not encouraging...but yeah it is logical. I mean a head is going to come out of that teeny opening, so it follows that it would hurt like *insert expletive here*. God give me Strength!


dont worry Jane, the relief and happiness makes up for everything!