home birth
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would you consider a home birth?



ive read about this and our grandma or great grandma had their babies this way... its a good option though, i could not see myself doing childbirth this way



this is for women who do not like hospitals or have anxieties with giving birth with drugs. home birth is just like natural birth but it is at home and you will either have a midwife assist you or maybe your partner.

Yes, I can see myself doing this uut I would still like to keep my options open for a hospital birth :)



saw videos of home birth in Youtube and they are surreal! some women even had orgasms during childbirth!!! amazing!



saw said videos and yes, they are amazing women!!! they give birth in a kiddie pool and they even pull the babies out by themselves! sometimes a midwife is present other times theres only the husband around.

A reccuring theme for the women who underwent this home birth is a feeling of peace and security giving birth at home as opposed to the hospital where they feel violated



i am open to this suggestion and it seems cool plus you are in a comfortable environment without the intrusion of strangers and artificial means of blocking labor...

home birth is changing the perception of child birth and empowering women everywhere!!!



It seems that more women are doing this kind of thing. It certainly looks more empowering to be in control like that. Plus its more comfortable and the women seem happier in the videos.



I have read about homebirth and their advantages, and I wish I was brave enough to try this. Im a bit obsessive by nature and I like everything to go as planned. I am just simply too scared of having a delivery at home :(



I did consider this even did some research and watched lots of videos, but abandoned the idea as I am having twins! maybe next time! n.n



Saw the Vids... they are amazing I am in awe these women are brave!



Ive seen those videos too and saw some articles regarding home birth and this will seriously become one of my options when its my turn! They seem more at ease and I saw the video where a woman actually orgasmed! this seriously piqued my interest. thanks ladies!



can you post the links here? i want to watch too.



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