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My college friend lives in a very small town and is due to give birth in two months. She goes to a bigger city for her pre-natal but she is worried in case she goes into labor and cant make it to the big city hospital which is one and a half hours drive away. The local doctor is a GP. Is he qualified to deliver babies? Just asking coz I worry about her and she is a single mom, living with her single mom... so just the two of them...


yes, a GP can deliver babies. nice to know that you are concerned for your friend n.n


Obstetrics is just a specialty. I think that all doctors know how to deliver a baby, even pathologists coz they have rotations during their internship.


yes, she is in good hands.


As long as the Doc is experienced and the hospital/clinic is adequately equipped then your friend is OK to go!


I actually spoke to the GP and it seems that even midwives can deliver babies. This is good to know!

Thank you Epigee family!