ectopic pregnancy
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i could not find a topic for ectopic pregnancy so i thought i would ask what this is? what are its symptoms?



Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fetus implants anywhere else (usually the fallopian tubes) but in the womb. As the baby grows, it gets cramped in the small space, causing pain to the mother.

symptoms are vaginal bleeding, pain when pooping or peeing,



I want to follow up if ectopic pregnancies need to be terminated?



an ectopic pregnancy usually has to be terminated. it will only cause complications because the baby needs to grow in the womb and not anywhere else.



I was supposed to have another sibling but my mom had ectopic pregnancy and she had to give it up coz the fetus grew in her cervix.



I hear this can be painful for the mother.



It feels horrible when your on your period, but it feels even worse when you don't seem to get it at all. I have missed my period for the third time in a row. I have taken two urine pregnancy test at home and then at the clinic. Right after my first missed period and three weeks later. Both, test come out negative. The first month my period was very light with pink and brown bleeding. I typically last up to 5 days, instead it was more like 3 days. The second month i did not blead at all. I did how ever experince cramps that went and came through the month. There was also, a lot of liquidy milky discharge, sometimes thiner then others. My ovarie on my left side began to hurt as if it were to be inflameted, the pain came and went. Now, im on my third month and the pain seems to have alternated to my right ovarie, but this time the pain for the most parts stays. This morning it was hard to controll the diziness. I have not used birth control for 7yrs now. I used condoms and with the negative tests and all, it makes it very confussign. I have always had irregular periods, every 5 weeks, sometimes a wk. earlier but i donnot skip months. What types of tests do i have to go through to determine what is happening to me?



Hi I'm looking for some advice I'll start at the beginning my period was due on the 26th of October started bleeding and cramps on the 31st sonpresumed I was just late and this was my period I bled for four days as normal then just three days of brown discharge when I wiped on the following day I began ti get stronger pain and bleeding so the next day I went to the doctor who sent me for a scan as I would if only been six weeks preg they said they didn't expect to find anything which they didn't and I believed I miscarried last night due to all the clots my hcg levels were 144 the contractions continued till the next day and then just light cramps after with bleeding my hcg 48 hrs after my first bloods dropped by half to 72 confirming miscarriage but then todays hcg was going back up to 92 which is 72 hrs since my last bloods has this happened anyone before could it be an ectopic pregnancy



I dont know whats going on with my body b/c i waited 7 days after my last period. After sex when I went to clean up when I wiped I had a medium amount of blood and I wiped again I had just spots. I was supposed to come on 4/28/2012 before that I have been having sharp breast pain, movement in upper stomache, minor cramps here and there, nausea, dizziness, and sleeping alot. And the like maybe that sunday, monday and tuesday morning I was throwning up couldn't keep nothing down. That same Tuesday my period came on. Still feel the same way. Could I be pregnant in my tubes. I need to know b/c my last 3 periods I just felt nausea but this last one I have had all the systoms of ectopic pregnancy.I was vomitting the last couple of mornings. Now my period is on and I am a lot of confused. Can someone please tell me what should I do. Or do anyone know what my systoms are caused from?



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