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Conceiving a boy or girl

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Is there a higher percentage of having a girl when your Ovulating they say in the beginning . Im confused, or it doesn't matter ?


there are a lot of folk tales and old wives tales about ways to have a boy or a girl. The truth is that its random. Wither the child is a boy or a girl is up to the man. The sperm determines it. if a y sperm penetrates the egg, its one, while a x sperm makes it the other. There are thousands of sperm in a drop of semen. How to control if the one that arrives first is X or Y isn't really possible.

My advice is to have as much sex as you can, but not as a chore or obligation. Play with the sex, have fun with it. Tie up your man, use a blind fold or a piece of Ice. enjoy life and be happy your together. If you get pregnant, enjoy and treasure what you have created.