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My boyfriend and I had sex while I was on my period, and he didn't completely pull out when he came while we were doing it in the shower, my period started June 6 we had sex June 11th and then my period ended June 14th Last month my period started on may 8th and ended may 14, It's June 21 and I've been experiencing enlargement of my breasts, much like when I'm on my period except there's no soreness, my abdomen seems to be getting bigger, I have slight nausea, all of these symptoms happened within the course of 2 days June 20th and June 21st before that I didn't feel any different. I have gotten a new job recently and a license so maybe it's because of stress? maybe it's because I'm psyching myself out because I keep reading up on pregnancy symptoms? or am I pregnant? I would really appreciate any advice and if I am pregnant how soon can I take a pregnancy test to verify, I have irregular periods so when should I take it? Thank you for any advice.


hav ur home test dear bt o wat u r sayng shows u r prgnt


Ok in new to these forums, my period was late for 2 weeks, but i was just spotting, before i started to spot it was very uncomfortable to lay on my side or stomach, after my spotting stopped the stomach pains have gotten increasingly worse, i have no energy, not very hungry but when i ate i still feel hungry, i threw up once but nauseaded, is it very possible i could be pregnant? help!!! This would be my first pregnancy.


me and my boyfriend have sex during my period last month june 11, 2013 i was my 3rd day of menstruation, my bf didn't use condom but the sperm didnt break inside of mine,he imediate pull it when he feel his perm, and i am worried what if ill get pregnant because of that?, is there a possibility? please i need feedback about this please reply to this message, thank you


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