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Am I pregnant?
2 posts on this thread and the last post was on June 21st, 2011 1:12 AM by thinkingahead101

So, I have been on the birth control pill for almost two months now... I have never had any problems... i.e I have never skipped a pill or anything. I had sex mid way through my second pack. My boyfriend used a condom and it DID NOT break or tear. He also did not ejaculate inside of me. And like I said, I'm on the pill... it has been 4 days since it happened and I am due for my period in about 7 days. Please help me...Give me advice if you think I may be pregnant!!! Thank you sooo soso much


I am on birth control but this month I haven't had period I spotted today but a little amont took test but negative but I start my pill Tomorro and don't now Wa to do plz help


A lot of the time when one starts birth control it can delay your period for a couple of months so you may not get it. Don't worry... it's normal :)


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