Pain during sex
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When me and my fiance have sex or he penetrates me in any way during ovulation, it is very painful. It only happens during ovulation, and it is not a crampy pain, its more like i swell down there or something and it hurts to do anything with him during that time. What could be causing this, and are there any remedies?
I cannot go to a gyno, i have no health insurance and they wont even talk to me.



Painful sex only happens when there is no enough vaginal lubrication. If you feel pain during sex, just relax and don't do any movements at all..just let your partner do it all for you. But I suggest that the next time you'll have sex, just have sexual lubricants so that you will no longer feel pain, instead you'll enjoy the act and be satisfied by it.


kittty kate

Well, aside from having no enough vaginal lubrcants, some women have this painful sex when they are suffering some kind of vaginal infection like yeast infections. etc. More so, probably they have problems with their uterus that needs to be resolved or treated if not, they will still be continuing to feel pain during sex.



Yes, sex is painful mainly because of some reasons. One of which a woman has suffering some kind of yeast infection inside her vagina..other reason probably is the dryness of woman's vagina.



Painful sex also known as dyspareunia. It is because os some illnesses, suffering an infection, or the woman has physical problem and pshychological problem. Sex is really not an enjoyable feeling and activity to her because of the pain she's having...that is why this is also one of the main problem in a relationship.



Sex would be painful if their is no coordination between the two people doing it. You need to have a foreplay first, to make the sex more exciting. And if the two of you are already aroused, you will forget, especially the woman.. the pain you will be feeling during sex, will be replaced with enjoyable and pleasure orgasm.



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