Mood Swing
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Daphne Baybe

Is mood swing part of PMS(Pre- Menstrual Periods)? I have a teenage daughter who always have mood swings during her period. She is so hard to please and always get easilly irritated even on simple conversation. Is this really normal to have mood swings during periods? And is this unmanageable by women during their period? I'm thinking about my daughter just make this mood swings of her as an alibi for us not to force her do something she doesn't want to do especially during her period. Please need some answers here. Thanks!



Mood swings are just normal feelings during menstrual period but it can be controlled and it can be avoided or a woman, can try to shift his moods to negativity to positivity if she wants to. She can control it, if she wants to.



Well, it's PMS and for me, it's so uncontrollable especially during menstruation. But a woman can avoid it if she can't experience any stressful situation. Stressful situation can make a woman's mood swings worst. So, if you think you are having some PMS, just think of some positive moments and avoid any stressful events and negative thinking, so that you can control everything and avoid having unexplainable mood swings.



Mood swings can be controlled. It's should not be a reason for something that a woman tend to make it as an excuse that people should understand her during her menstrual periods because she's having a mood swing and it's totally beyond her control. It's not that, woman can control it if she wants to..



Mood swing is part of womens menstrual period. But this can be controlled and should not be given a lot of issues about. Sometimes, this can be an alibi to women who does not want to do something very important. An alibi used by women who always wants to be understood but hard for them to undertstand others.. regarding thier shortcomings. Women can control everything..even mood swings or having short temper if she wants to.



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