how to get rid of cramps
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i get really BAD cramps during the first 2 days of my menses. i usually take pain killers but they are still bad...any advice?



I take ibuprofen like Advil, it really helps with the discomfort. but for really bad ones, you can try the high dose over the counter pain killers



pls try hot compress or heating pad or soaking in a hot tub. they work for me.



try Motrin or Aleve, they work fine for me.



When my cramps get really bad, I try to meditate before trying drugs. Meditation helps the mind focus on other things aside from the pain. When I meditate I try to envision a vacation, so meditating is not really related to spiritual. Just another focus. Try it



try relaxing when your cramps start. You can opt to meditate or drink some chamomile tea. You can also try a massage for the lower back to help alleviate some of the pain.



My cramps are bad too so i use drugs all the time...Ha ha! Some over the counter pain killers or muscle relaxants will do... stay away from the hard stuff though!



Queen Victoria used to smoke pot. Opps was I allowed to say that? Hehe.



drugs! baby drugs! I mean the over the counter pain pills of course! But only when It gets bad. If it's tolerable then I just distract myself with work or chores. But it seems that Queen Victoria had the right idea!



Didn't know Queen Victoria was so "groovy"! Hmm...maybe I should try this when I get my cramps...i mean period next time... Just joking people no need to call the cops!



pot huh? try yoga before you try pot...healthier and no cops...haha!



I bet Queen Victoria never thought of a hot water bottle or a soak in the tub? LOL!



Anything hot is good. A hot water bottle, heating pads, hot towels. Heat increases blood flow in that area easing the cramps.



massive amounts of drugs! just kidding! nothing like Vicodin just over the counter pain pills, lots of water and lots of sleep.



its also a good idea to sleep it off. when mine get bad, i also get a tingling feeling in my left leg, at least i sleep during the worse part!



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