salpingitis isthmica nodosa/fibroid removed/
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Hi I was wondering as to why all of a sudden we cant concieve now? 4 children and nothing .I had my fibroids removed and then they tell me that i have..

salpingitis isthmica nodosa
foci of adenomyosis
Will I still be able to have kids again?



Thats a lot of fancy Latin terms. It basically says that you have a lot of tissue and cells growing where there not supposed to be. That may or may not be an issue. The Nodosa is an issue. That says that you have some sort of damage to the tubes. From what Ive read, salpingitis isthmica nodosa is usually scarring caused by an infection, but in your case it may not be scarring and might just be tissue from the uterus growing in the tubes and closing them off. Either way, the path is blocked.

For pregnancy you need three things to happen. The egg has to drop through the tubes and into the uterus, the sperm has to be able to get to the egg, and the uterus wall has to be in a condition where the egg can attach to it. Since you have blocked fallopian tubes, this means that the egg cant drop, This can be bad because if there is any space at all for the sperm to get past the tubes and into the egg, you can end up with a ectopic pregnancy. That's bad. but the tissue growth problem,(endometriosis, foci of adenomyosis)could mean that your cervix is blocked and the sperm cant get to the uterus.

What caused this? Its hard to tell. The fibroid could point to the fact that the tissue growth problems have been escalating for a while, or the surgery could have moved some tissue to grow oddly or in strange places. Who knows. Sadly what ever the cause you aren't going to get a definite answer from a doctor. They don't like being nailed down like that.

This is my non medical opinion.

Just curious, Why try for a fifth child? I would have my hands full with just four.



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