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Hi,I want to get pregnant with baby boy. So when to ovulat and which is the best time to concieve. I got my last period on 8th of September so which is the best time to concieve as i want to be pregnant by end of this year.

Thank you


Start having sex ten days from the start of your period. There is a ten day window where pregnancy is likely. This window is from the 10th day (from the start of your period) to the 20th day. You are unlikely to get pregnant after the 20th day or before the 7th day.

Good luck and have fun.


Wen the male does most of the work its a male but wen a female does most of the work its a baby girl


I have a baby about 5 years after baby birth we attended somany time for get a pregnency but we are fail to do. Please instruct if any you have


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