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Yaz and Yasmin Users!!!

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Can anyone tell me if it is safe to use sexuall enhancers with yaz?


Can anyone tell me if it is safe to use yaz with sexuall enhancers?


Specifically what do you mean by sexual enhancers?


I was on yaz for about 3 years and never experienced any real problems. Every now and then I would forget to take a pill for a day and my period would show up early, but that was my mishap. Anyways I am off the pill now, as I have started NSAIDs for my juvenille rheumatoid arthritis...again. I have been off the pill since September, and it is now November. My period has yet to grace me with its presence since my september period. I read that this may happen to women who have been on the pill for a prolonged amount of time. Should I be worried? Is this happening to anyone else?