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do you know somebody who has undergone vasectomy? how did they feel after wards?


my collegue's husband had a vasectomy after they had their 5th child!!! haha...he's still the same person if you ask me...but my officemate did say that it was quite liberating to just do it whenever they felt like it :)


My uncle had a vasectomy after his third child. Unknowingly, he had sex again with my aunt a month after the operation and nine months later my cousin was born!!!

haha!!! it seems that the operation is only complete after about 90 days(?) as the testicles need to get rid of the "left over" sperm....

btw, not sure on the 90 days but there is a certain time frame before it is safe to have sex.


I think they paid the guys in China to have this when they still had their One child policy in effect... Not sure though

Nope dunno anybody. My take on vasectomy is that most males simply have too much machismo to try this. They think it will affect their virility or libido or something!

Well, you know how guys are with their penises! (and testicles LOL)


Yes men can be babies when it comes to their penises. they are uber sensitive when it comes to topics concerning their sex organs! I also dont know anybody who has had a vasectomy.


betcha they're now half the man they were. hihihihi!


liberated?! hahaha... they can just do anything without fear of getting a woman pregnant.


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