Male Birth Control Pills
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Is the rumor true? are there birth control pills for men?



in trial phase. i saw this on wiki. but you know how men can be. I dont think they would go for this... :(



I think they are via injections not pills! but i understand what you mean ellen. the boys wouldn't think it would be "manly" to take this form of contraceptive! its against their machismo!



It seems that there are a lot more alternative forms available for women than men. But it does make sense considering that we are the ones that get pregnant.



whether injections or pills I think they will have a hard time pushing this idea to the men. i mean even vasectomies are hard for them.



yeah i asked my x-bf if he would consider a vasectomy in the very far future but he said it might make him impotent! so misinformed! yeah i know! dumped him a long time ago, wasnt working anyway!



men can be babies when it comes to contraceptives sometimes! i can only get my partner to wear a condom!



if it were in pill form i can almost imagine my partner taking a pill after his nightly shower...just like I did! so cute! haha!



men and their machismo! it will be interesting when this comes out of trial!



Haha! I agree with you girls! If it weren't for STD and pregnancy they would probably not want to wear condoms! I can't see my partner agreeing to this, but it would be fun to make him try! :)



Nope cant see my man agreeing to this. I think they draw the line on condoms...hahah!



wow never heard of this before...but from a marketing standpoint, they would have to effectively stroke a man's ego while stamping out his sense of machismo for this sort of product to become successful



Hey now ladies lets just set the record straight. I'm a man, I think that it would be a great idea. I mean come on lets face it, condoms suck! If there was something out there that meant no condoms i'd be in the line up to get it right now. Just think about it, if my girlfriend was on the pill and i was on "the pill" also i'm thinkin that would make it about 0% chance of her getting pregnant. OR if i was on this pill and she didnt have to be on hers with all the wonderful side effects they have (cough mood swings cough cough) i think the world might be a better place. O and about the vasectomys, not all guys are against them. Not saying i like the thought of it, but its alot safer for me to do it than her so i would be willing to do it. So ladies we're not all bad guys!



Yeah!! these pills are really effective!!



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