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I'm interested in getting a Copper IUD but have so many questions! I've been on the pill for almost 7 years, I'm 23 and have finally made the decision to research more options since I've never liked how I've felt on the pill. I have no sex drive and haven't for a while and I can't orgasm during sex ever since I've been on the pill. Since the copper IUD is non hormonal, does this mean my sex drive will come back?

I'm not a mother, and I know the IUD is geared towards mothers so I was wondering if the placement hurt more or is more uncomfortable because of that.

I'm the type that horror stories stick in my brain and heard it can get imbedded in your uterus or can slip out and that it can possibly make you infertile. I hope to have kids one day so this concerns me! I'm also nervous about the side effects. Before I was on the pill my period was nuts. Super heavy and lasted forever.

I'm doing so much research and there seems to be mixed reviews. I know it's dependent on the person, but I figured I'd ask!


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