Birds and the Bees
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I dont know where to put this thread but I guess this is the best home for it. My question is: What age do you start talking to your kids about birds and the bees?



I guess it depends on how mature your kids are. Early teens should be an OK age for you to discuss about this. But it's kinda embarassing to talk about this with your parents remember?



hahaha this always makes me laugh



Oh man! I promised myself I would not do this to my kids but it's always better to be safe right! *shudders*



OMG!!! I remember this very well! It was embarassing, yeah but at least I knew my parents cared enough to worry and talk to me about it...Hope that helps!



i learned it the easy way... sex education 101 at school. hehee



Better me than their friends...LOL!

You can do it!



As soon as you feel that they are curious! Better to be safe than sorry and all that! Plus with all the media sex is getting, you have to make sure that they have the right info! Good Luck!



I get flashbacks of my parents having this "talk" with me! I swore that I would never subject any child of mine to something like this. But I agree, it would be better if they learned from me! God give me strength!



I always put this down when they ask me what my most embarrassing experience was...

But if it needs be then anything for my kids!



"Let me tell you bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above... and the thing called love!"

Hahaha! I like that song! Oh God! Please give me strength to do this when the time comes!



i want to take the easy way out and let my partner do it...or maybe my dad coz he's a doctor? oh well, Ill cross the bridge when Iget there!



Well its one of the responsibilities of a parent so I guess as soon as they are curious about the opposite sex?



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