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Artificial or Natural?

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Do you prefer the Artificial or Natural Method


I prefer artificial like condoms or the pill. safer in terms of std and pregnancy risk than natural


Artificial for those who like to have multiple sexual partners. but natural should do for those in long term comittments and want to have a family.


My personal recommendations are the pill and condoms. They are cheap and relliable and convenient


I'm gonna have to vote on artificial not because I have many sex partners. Right now I'm not prepared to bring in a child into the world. And like Alyssa said, artificial is cheap, reliable and convenient also.


My partner and I have been on the Pill for 2 years now, so I'm for artificial.


I would say natural as this is in accordance with my religious beliefs. But the artificial method is more practical and safe...


natural. why? because there is no hormones, nothing to put on or take out. all it takes is discipline and some math :)


natural is not realistic! no matter how you look at it! its only for idealistic people! pull out or counting does not work! man has many urges and sex is one of the strongest!


hmmm I prefer artificial for now...


Depends on the circumstance. For somebody you trust and love then natural will do but for one night stands, condoms are a must!

Hey, just keeping it real!