too young to go on a diet?
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when is somebody too young to go on a diet?

i was watching this show on TV and it seems that children as young as 12 are already starting to go on diets for fear of becoming fat!!! so, when is somebody too young to go on a diet?



12??? I guess this is because of peer pressure? the fat kids get bullied by the popular kids in school. in my opinion, if you are not overweight for your age group and height group then there is no need to go on a "diet" no matter how old you are!



it could also be the media's influence. we only have our society to blame for this. children should be allowed to be kids for as long as they want without being pressured into conforming into what society deems as "attractive".

if you dont feel fat, dont go on a diet :(



define diet? diet as in skipping meals and limiting food intake or diet as in choosing to eat healthy foods as opposed to junk food?

coz if its the former then it doesnt matter what age. people should always choose to eat healthy foods. if its the latter, then unless the teenager is grossly overweight, dont see why there is a need to diet.



I was chubby when i was 12 but diets were like the least of my worries!!! I didnt start getting concious about diets and body shapes till I was 16 and yes, it was because of peer pressure. but really 12 is too young!



As long as its for health related reasons then whatever age should be fine!

some of us may have forgotten what peer pressure feels like and it is no joke to be made fun of especially when you are in your teenage years!



kids who are not overweight and are below 16 are too young for me.



there is no such thing as too young to be on a diet. if your boy is like obese, weighing 220lbs at 12 years old, would you still want to give him all the food he can eat? if i were the parent i would surely get him to a nutritionist and get him a proper diet. i don't want him to go to school and have a hard time dealing with other kids just coz he is fat.



unless the kid is like obese or something then yeah. but of its not for health related reasons, then kids should be just kids.



This is what we get for putting too much of an emphasis on how being thin is "beautiful" or "in". :(



that is really too young to go for a diet. it is actually not diet for youngsters but more of disciplining to just take the proper balance diet. it is appropriate also to let them take supplements like MX Omega 3 for their overall wellness.



I agree with francine_pl. There's such a huge range of possibilities all defined as a "diet." The fads made popular by celebrities etc. for super quick weight loss are definitely not healthy for most ppl.

At age 12, most of the amino acid, vitamin and mineral daily requirements are even more important than any other age, so emphasis should be on the nutritional value of the foods kids eat, not going through a starving craze (which I admit, sometimes I put myself through to lose the Xmas season pounds).

I can say though for any parents out there wondering if they should put their kid on a diet or not- the weight our bodies learn to protect as the norm, develops through childhood and adolescence, so a fat kid will have to work a lot harder later in life to lose those extra pounds than the next person, who only put on the weight in middle age. So...

Love Sport!!! and fresh fruit and veg :)



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