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to Lipo or not to Lipo

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If lipo an option for you if you are overweight?


if you want to lose weight, exercise has more benefits than lipo. so im for: not to lipo!


if you have the money for it, why not? its a quick solution, but not the end of it. you still have to maintain that body after the lipo. why i've heard cases of people going back to how big they were before, just because they didn't care. now that is the problem right there.


Overweight is kinda vague. Not unless I am really suffering from obesity would I even consider doing liposuction. I think it's cheating in some way. Enroll in a gym class, consult a nutritionist for a correct, balanced diet. Nobody built Rome in a day. In the end, you'll have more than the loss of fats or weight, you'll learn discipline too. Work your ass girl!


Lorraine don't be so preachy. Even many celebrities in all there glamor and there seemingly perfect bodies have had liposuction at some point. What is wrong with making ones self looking better and more fit? And no I don't think it is cheating.


if it will boost your self-confidence, sure go for it. but remember that you can gain back the fat when you overeat again, so exercise to maintain your lipo-ed bod!


its a major surgical operation. I think it would be better to try to lose the weight naturally. LIke christy said, you can gain it back if you eat too much again.


umm...not to lipo but to botox or to collagen instead :P


never say never! so it's maybe for me!


NOT...too dangerous!