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i need advice and questions answered!
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i started birth control in the middle of june and me and my boyfriend started having unprotected sex and three weeks ago i went to the dr to lower my bc because it was making me nasuea and they put me on a new one called aviane and well i started it july 15 and i had my period from july 11-to july 16 -2011 and so last saturday july 23 i started spotting alittle brownish color and next day it continued and i started getting a fever and chills and headache really bad and on monday symptoms continued and with nasuea and me throwing up twice and starting to have sharp pains in my back n pelvic area and it worsen and i was taking to E.R and my results came back fine and pregnacy test was negative and he did a pelvic exam and results were good from that and in was swollen and he said it could have been a possible cervictis and the pelvic pain was unknown and im still bleeding and its been five days and im concerned because my pain is in my lower right side and will go in my back and my lower right and left. questions i needed answered are: when you become pregnant and the fertilzation happens and you start to bleed , could you the test still come out negative? or you have to wait for a missed period first ? does it mean miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy ?


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