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forgetting to wash off make-up

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I work last shift or closing shift waiting on tables in a popular restaurant tthat can have as many people even when its late at night. Many times I get off work very late for this, not to mention, I'm also in college. Waiting tables is a good way to pay for some bills. Anyhow, I forget to wash off my make-up several times, just falling asleep on the bed from exhaustion. Is there a bad effect on this in the long run? Thankfully I still am pimple free or any blemishes on my face.


oh my that is just bad habit Aisa! never forget to wash off make-up even for a one night. at the end of the day the pores in your face can get clogged from dirt, pollution, aside from make-up on yur face.

acne is just one thing you could get. wrinkles, dry skin are two other things. it would also age your face faster becoz your skin can't get enough oxygen with all that make-up/dirt on.


if you're really too tired at the end of work to wash your face, you can use those wet tissues to rub off the make up from your face. but it's always best to wash one's face with soap & water.


all I can say is that what you are doing is a bad habit. take care of your face/skin like your life depends on it. its on of the a girl's best assets after all.