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Women often juggle the career and homelife. So, what do you do for relaxation and how often do you relax?


I like to open a bottle of Red to unwind and forget about life for a while and just drink............................


yup a getting a buzz is a good way to relax... alternatively theres a soak in the tub or getting pampered in the salon!

my quick fix, walking the dog!


i like to unwind by meditation and taking it all out on the gym!


The bottle of red sounds devine. Especially while soaking on the tub while somebody is giving me a foot massage while having a facial... In the tub - LOL!!!

haha sounds like paradise!

in reality a glass of red and a fire is OK


short term: listen to classical music on my ipod

long term: a day at the spa!


A day spent reading a novel sounds like heaven at the moment... Or 10 hours of sleep!


dozing on a hammock by the beach.... zzZzz....

but in reality, a glass of red by the fire with some music on the background sounds divine! and No I dont get to do this often!