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Cosmetic Surgery

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I am thinking about getting a tummy tuck. I know most doctors say that this is safe, but I want to know from a "civilian" point of view. Cheers!


Cosmetic surgery is quite common and relatively safe! I mean look at the celebs who get them on like a daily basis....seriously! I think that if you are healthy then there should be no problem...recovery sucks though coz I had some lipo on my arms, tummy and thighs and I was bruised for like a month! So get ready to look black and blue for a while!


i think every major surgery has risks, there are reports of some people dying because of having cosmetic surgery. i dont think this is because of the surgery per se but maybe reactions to anesthesia and other factors that come to play everytime you go under the knife...

be safe!


Cosmetic Surgery is safe. The ones you read in the papers, or see on TV, are extreme cases. It gets media coverage coz it sells!

Probably someone goes to cheap clinic run by some doctor who is not even qualified or don't have the proper tools, just to save a few bucks. I tell you, don't do this. Do a backround check first. I'd rather pay more than get something cheaper but is poorly done & I might get complications later on.