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11 weeks missed period.
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I am a 20 year old female. 12 weeks ago was my expected period date. It didn't come that day and coincidentally, that was the day was the last last time I had sex. I wasn't on birth control and we had used a generic "Monster" brand condom. During that time I was in a lot of stress being it was the start of finals week, I was moving out of the dorms and back home with my parents, my partner had moved to another state and I changed my diet and became a Pescitarian. But after being 8 weeks late, I decided to change my diet back to eating meats thinking that my diet was the cause of my late period. 4 weeks later and still no period. I took 4 take home pt the first 4 weeks and they all came out negative. I went to a clinic 2 weeks ago and did a urine test there and that to came out negative. I'm 2lbs overweight and this last week I started going back to the gym again in attempts to kick start my period. I haven't been successful. The only signs of pregnancy that I have detected were bloating, headaches and fatigue. I know the only way that I would know for sure would be taking a blood test but I don't want it showing up in my parents insurance. So I'm asking anyone out there, could I be pregnant? If not why haven't I gotten my period yet and how can I get it to come soon?


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