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sex after std treatment

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how many days after std treatment can you have sex again?


Dpends on your STD. You have to go to your doctor for a follow-up and ask for a clean bill of health...literally!


I guess this is the back to the wagon after falling off huh! hehe...


haha...yeah i guess this is one of those sayings like getting back on to the horse after it throws you off...

i think the doctor will do another exam to really make sure that you are ready for the saddle again LOL!


eager to get back in the sack is see! wow! i would think that i would be scared of having sex for a while if i get std...


Perhaps, but when it's months or years (heaven forbid) of not being able to have sex because of STD while you wre active before...I can just imagine the torture of it. How you got STD was your fault. You are only to blame anyway.


antibiotic treatments are for at least 7 days... so with your doctor's blessing you can have sex after that...