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crab lice is transmitted from person to person. but i heard that you can get it too if you share linens or towels with somebody infected. is this true?


yes! i had a dorm mate who gave me crab lice coz she used my sheets once and got me infected! crab lice are very itchy and highly contagious. so if you know somebody who has crab lice dont share towels, sheets and get treatment ASAP! and dont forget to burn those sheets!!!!


Of all the STDs in the world you had to walk into mine! It REALLY itches. Crab lice are difficult to see and although they cannot live long outside their host, they can be spread through linens and towels. So when undergoing treatment, wash all your towels and bed sheets to avoid further infestation.


get some crab lice shampoo. they can be pretty effective, plus it helps with the itching!


does waxing or going Brazilian help? coz the lice cant hide anymore and no more hair to hold on to.


HAHAHA taht is really funny angela_f like really


hey yeah good idea on the Brazilian! but remember to change your sheets, towels and re launder all your clothes!


I used to think that they were just like ordinary lice, but in fact they are more tenacious and they itch like *bleeep*!

To be young and stupid! I wish I thought of the Brazilian though!


a college dorm mate infected the whole dorm with this!


there was an infestation in our college dorm when i was in school and we had to get new linens and stuff. hey mindy, where did you go to school...hhaha!