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another vajayjay

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I THINK MY BF IS CHEATING ONE ME!!! HE COMES HOME AND HIS PENIS SMELLS LIKE ANOTHER WOMAN'S VAJAYJAY!!! If the other woman has STD will it make my soon to be EX BF's member stink? We dont use CONDOMS!!! Help!!!


This is bad! Your partner's penis should not stink of another woman's vagina....seriously though is there a difference in smells? I heard that some STD's make the vajayjay maybe a confrontation plus a blood test should be in order?


I heard that Chlamydia nd yeast infection make the vagina stink...but only your soon to be EX can answer if he is cheating...Chlamydia is an STD btw!


Get a test to be sure...some stds give off odors