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What happens when you get STD while pregnant?

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What happens when you get STD while pregnant?


i would say it depends on what type of STD. i think not all gets to be passed to your child. but don't take my word for this.


You can pass the std to the baby or you can lose it if it gets untreated. Worse case scenario: your kid will be deformed or have handicaps


You could deliver a dead baby for one! they can also be deaf or blind, have hepatitis and a list of other bad stuff!


you put you and your baby at risk. so if pregnant and suspect that you have std, visit your OB-GYN immediately


this probably means that you had sex with somebody that is not your partner or is a stranger or maybe a one night stand? i dont mean to be judgemental since I have had one night stands myself. however since you are pregnant, you are also responsible for another life.

another option is that your partner gave you the STd when he had unprotected sex with another person... if this is the case...dump the stupid bastard- sorry for the b word!

As much as sex is fun and a very awesome experience, I think safety should always be the first thought pregnant or not!


I was always a visual learner, so try this: go to google and look up images of syphilis or gonorhea. aside from looking at pictures of vaginas and penises infected with STD there is also a picture of babies that were born to mothers who were infected! these pictures are very graphic!


the innocent are always the one to suffer the consequences of the stupid! these pictures are heart breaking!