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Virgina discharge

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Almost everyday i si dis thick yellowish substsnce comin out 4rm my body & most times even while avin sex, load of it wil rest on my bf dick. Pls help me, d sight of it is embarasin. I day he tryn lickin my pussy but he cudn't continue bcos load of d stuff came out & dey smell atimes on my clothes.


there is surely something wrong , l have the same problem, l feel so bad about it coz it does smell, l smell it most of the time even my five year old always tells me that l smell.


You have a bacterial infection. Simply go to the doctor for antibiotics and it will go away. Its caused by bacteria or dirt entering the vagina. Usually because your BF doesn't wash his hands. The problem is that although this isn't a STD, if your man has been having sex with you for a while, he may have the infection himself and can reinfect you. You see that happen sometimes in yeast infections where the woman keeps getting the infection back ever few weeks.

Now for a piece of advice. Dump your boyfriend before he gives you a serious disease. When I'm having sex, I would notice if foul smelling goo spews out of my woman's vagina. I would know the difference between a normal woman's smell and the strong odor or infection. If I saw such a thing, I would know that it wasn't normal, and I would demand that she take care of it, Then I would take steps to protect myself. I would research it and find out if It were serious to my sexual health. Your man isn't doing any of that, but what does this mean for you? Simply this. He is not capable of identifying sexual diseases. If he cheated on you, he wouldn't see any warning signs at all, he would simply screw the infected woman and then give it straight to you. Secondly you help your partner. If you saw that he had something about his penis that you never saw on another man, you would look into it wouldn't you? You would be worried about his health. Your boyfriend doesn't care about yours.

Bacterial infections are very common. A simple prescription is all that is required. Disinfection of your underclothing wouldn't hurt either.


i use to have a sore that comes and go away in my vigina and is painfull,is that a sign of STD


if its the same sore, then yep, it might be.

The herpes virus affects different people different ways. Some people may get so covered in soars that they look like their skin is melting, while someone else may only get one or two small soars and then only once or twice a year. Another person can have herpes all their life and never show any signs at all.

The problem is that all of these types of people can spread the disease. You should get tested so that you can protect your partners. No one wants to have a fantastic sexual experience with a great person, and wake up a month later with soars all over your face.