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How Contagious are STDs?

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How Contagious are STDs?


They are quite contagious. STDs can be spread by not just through sexual encounters. Some can be spread by secretions. Others are transmitted simply by the close physical contact from sex.

Outside sex, it can be spread to others such through inheritance, from mother-to-fetus or mother-to-child. It can be transmitted by blood too.


In some cases I've read having safe sex might not be too safe at all. There may still be chances of getting STD. These are rare cases though. Blood transfusion is one cause to get STD. Intravenous needle usage, even from resulting injuries through a needle that was used from someone with an STD can be bad.


It can be very contagious and risk increases when you have multiple sexual partners. Also if you have unprotected sex all the time then it adds to the risk even more.


the risk increases as you get more promiscuous. std can be found in blood, semen, feces.