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I'm a virgin but doctor says I have std because i've been having bad smell from my vagina for a long time. I've received treatment but it is stil there. Pls help me.


There are two common infections that can cause an odor and discharge. Yeast infections, and Bacterial Infections. Neither if these are strictly considered STD's.

You were probably treated for a yeast infection. Yeast infection treatments never work on Bacterial infections. My bet is that it is probably a bacterial infection. These aren't normally considered an STD. Bacterial infections are caused by dirt or bacteria entering the vagina, Usually from a dirty sexual partner. Often unwashed fingers or hands. There is no home remedy or over the counter drug. You have to get a Doctors prescription to cure it. You should do so quickly because although these are normally no big deal, These infections can occasionally get serious and deteriorate into Pelvic inflammatory disease.