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Pls post symptoms of chlamydia


- a minor increase in vaginal discharge caused by an inflamed cervix.
- cystitis (an inflammation of the lining of the bladder).
- the need to urinate more frequently, or pain whilst passing urine.
- pain during sexual intercourse or bleeding after sex.
- mild lower abdominal pains.
- irregular menstrual bleeding.
- a painful swelling and irritation in the eyes (if they become infected

- Men are more likely to notice chlamydia symptoms than women, though they too may be asymptomatic.
- a white/cloudy and watery discharge from the penis that may stain underwear.
- a burning sensation and/or pain when passing urine.
- a painful swelling and irritation in the eyes (if they become infected).


but the thing about chlamydia is that sometimes there are no symptoms! this is why chlamydia is one of the most prevalent forms of STD.


There are people who are not aware that they have an STD. They keep having sex with multiple partners who in turn have sex with other people. STD is very easy to spread. And with Chlamydia it is one of the most often reported STD in the United States and like Dana said, sometimes people are asymptomatic, perpetrating the cycle all over again.


is chlamydia cureable? :O


the treatment is antibiotics


If people are sometimes asymptomatic, how can they tell that they have it, because you can become infertile with chlamydia, right!