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my dear hubby once had a wandering eye, to be honest l have never caught him readt handed, l only saw emails he sent to women, also he used to send other women dirty msgs. Ever since l discovered this, not a day that goes by without thinking about it, it changed everything, he broke my heart coz l had full trust in him. We have one little girl together, and l cant see myself moving on without him, though l have lost trust in him, i dought almost everything he does, pliz help me what l can l do to love and trust him again. Will ever get over him cheating. One time l texted him pretending to be some other woman and ofcourse he agreed to meet me in a hotel he was gonna book, what kind of a man is this .


A very stupid one. Its up to you, what you do. But I wouldn't take it personal. People screw around. Women just as much as men do. When I caught my wife, I didn't get mad, I just adjusted my thinking. We get along great, we have fun together, she just wanted something on the side. I ended up meeting a nice girl and we became great friends. Now I have my own something on the side. We have been this way for years and we have never gotten along better. I could have gotten mad, or felt betrayed, but when its all said and done, and keeping things in perspective, its only sex. She comes home to me, and its me she cuddles on the sofa with.

She will never have the relationship with her boy toy that she has with me, and I will never have the relationship with my girl toy that I do with my wife. 14 years of marriage forms quite a bond.

This may not work with you however. Your man was willing to meet a perfect stranger for sex. Thats not only foolish but its dangerous. Me and the wife are in long term affairs with good clean people. There is a lot less of a chance of bringing home some nasty STD than having anonymous flings with perfect strangers. Thats the part of your story that concerns me. Your man acting a fool and giving you the clap.


Dear Chido,

You are worth more than this.

It is so hard to have relationships with all the interference from the internet. On line affairs and cyber sex are just as damaging as the physical cheating. After all sex is mostly in the head, the body just follows what the head says.

Abuse comes in all forms, he is abusing you emotionally, get yourself free of him and you will see what a terror of a man he is. Once you leave him, break contact with him otherwise he'll lead you back in with a smile and then abuse you again.

Let the other women have him, he's not worth having.

Remember this; A woman who marries the man she has cheated with, has a man who will cheat on her.

Let him go, he's abusing your heart and your soul.