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Question for the ladies

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I woke up one morning and discovered that I had become old fat and ugly at the age of 37. It was a bit of a wake up call. I got off my but and started watching my diet and started walking every day. So far I lost 30 pounds and am at my goal weight of 175 pounds. Now I'm back to what I weighed at the great age of 18. But the guy looking back at me in the mirror has very gray hair. I think he looks like an old fart. So here is my question. If you were sorting through an online dating service, would you be biased against a guy with obviously gray hair? I'm trying to decide if I should die mine or leave it natural. Who would get more action. Gray or dark haired?


Wouldnt bother me at all.


Silver Fox alert! Don't dye your hair, get a sexy cut and style. Gray is really in and a lot of younger-ish girls like gray hair on a guy. I do anyways. lol


Thanks for the reply. I'm down to 168 now and I've never felt better. I'm due for a haircut, over due, in fact. So I will have to thumb through the Internet for a fun style to try.


Dont dye yr hair. It's natural and is beautiful.


Oh, man, it would look good gray. Silver foxes are HOT! ;)