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WHy at times it becomes difficult to locate the G-spot during intercourse?


Everyones body is different. Some women have a more prominent G Spot than others do. Some women have an intense G Spot orgasm while other women just get a warm tingle.

You just have to try different things


Thanks Monk for the reply.
Could you suggest Like What Should I Try?



Its hard to talk all medical about how to have great sex, so Im not even going to try. Ill just talk normal. The best bet is to use your fingers to stimulate the g-spot while licking the young lady. Picture a woman laying on her back, legs open. Your looking straight at it. Now imagine a clock face with numbers. The 12 is near the clit, the 6 is near her anus. The general rule is that the g-spot can be fund somewhere between the 11 o'clock and one o'clock position, and about two or two and a half inches inside the vagina. Sometimes it can be felt as a bump, but on some women it can only be felt after you stimulate it for a while. It begins to wrinkle a bit and starts to feel a bit like a walnut in texture. I have found that circular or back and forth motions work the best.

I have found that its difficult to stimulate the G-spot through traditional sex with most women. You have to go at it at an angle so that the penis rubs against the 12 o'clock position. Thats harder than it sounds because the vagina has a high ceiling. If you insert a finger and curl it like your making a "Come Here" gesture, you will see what I mean.