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First Sex

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How do I know if my male partner is fertile? He complained of not releasing sperm elsewhere unless inside the vagina.

Thank you.

cherry blossom

My boy friend and I had unprotected first time sex. Well we tried when he tried to put it in me it hurt really bad and it was in at all so he stoped because he didn't want to hurt me we tired again again, but I pushed him away because of pain. So we did we have it or not? Plus it's around when u have my period so am I pregent or not? He never got in me or anything but I know it's natural to bleed after first time sex but I'm just worried if I'm pregent or not?? PLEASE Help me!!!!!!


hi cherry follow the tips of kamasutra to have maximum sexual pleasuer with negligible or no pain while uhave sex with ur bf.

cherry blossom

Thank you but we have decsided to wait untill we are alittle older than we are right now but thanks anyway


Cherrry blossom. U are definitely not pregnant. If he didnt cum inside you theres no way. but I had unprotected sex with my bf and for the first time and it didn't hurt. The thing is we did did the pull out method and he pulled it out the came....Is it possible to get pregnant off of pre-cum? I don't think so but any reassurance would be great. And the thing is I'm young. too young. Im only 14 and im scared. I regret it so much. Do you know where I could get birth control with out my parents knowing? I'm not going to do it again, but I want it just in case I get stupid. Also how I could buy a pregnancy test without anyone knowing? I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and i dont want the ladies at the store to tell my parents.
Thank you


you should do it in the butt, then you won't get preggo. plus, your but is meant for sexy time. you know, busecks. nom.
thanks for your tiome.