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what wrong with me?

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stopped taking the pill in december this year, to try for another baby. to put it short ive had irregular periods since, bled for 3 weeks in may, but have been regulating betwen 21 days ive noticed. i expected i wud start saturday and did but was a tiny bit, very dark, almost black and clotted, i have had nothing since saturday night, but have pain like im still on my period. it is getting very frustrating, i have had scan in march for ovarian cysts and was all normal, have spoke to gp, but not helpful at all, tell me, its cos of pill etc, and now my mum is worrying me saying it cud be early menopause, anyone have any advice or been through something similar


Here s an educated guess.

When a weight lifter takes steroids he is taking a pill that mimics the human hormone testosterone. His body responds to the hormone overdose by completely shutting off his body's own testosterone producers. When the weight lifter stops taking the steroids, it takes weeks for his body to even begin producing the hormone again.

Birth control pills mimic Female hormones and unlike weight lifters, women take birth control pills daily for years. It may take months for your body to get your hormone mix back on track. Remember that the body has dozens of systems controlled by dozens of hormones. Some of which work in pairs.

My suggestion is to get a lot of sun. Vitamin D is a hormone that acts as a regulator for a lot of the systems in your body. (Yes, Vit D is actually a hormone.) and avoid drinking out of anything plastic containing Bisphenol A. A manufacturing chemical that mimics estrogen.

Green tea (honey instead of sugar) drank twice a day for several weeks has also been shown to help smooth out menstrual issues because it contains natural plant estrogen called phytoestrogens.