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sweets and chocolates
7 posts on this thread and the last post was on June 21st, 2010 5:07 AM by happymom

they say that eating sweets and chocolates will contribute to a hard delivery. is this really true?


when you eat sweets/chocolates you gain weight fast. this will make your baby bigger and you might have a hard time pushing the baby out. this is why pregnant moms should not over indulge with sweets and other fattening foods.


what sandra says makes sense. not only will your baby get fatter but you will too... so its gonna take even more effort to lose that post baby fat you gain.


whoever during there pregnancy didn't get fat? ]giggles[ its ok to gain a few pounds. but yeah, don't eat too much on 1 thing. eat healthy foods. it is good for both mother & baby.


but they taste even better when they are forbidden....

hahah! this was on the top of the list my OB told me to avoid :(


I don't like chocolates. They make me break out.



I guess I better cut back on eating too much sweets and chocolates. Thanks you guys! =]


hi guys how about having fish..... is eating lots of fish good during pregnancy


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