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possible preg

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For the last 3wks i have been nauseated, dizzy, extremly sleepy and i am 18 days late on my period. i hv taken 2 preg tests that come back negative. could i still be pregnant or something else is wrong?


That all depended upon you. How responsible have you been? Do you use some form of birth control? If you do, then the chances that your pregnant are very, very low. If you don't, then anythings possible.

I recommend that people wait at least until ten days late before taking an over the counter pregnancy test. Any test taken before that time is unreliable. (At least a negative result is. Positive results are never wrong.)

Could you be pregnant? Maybe. But the symptoms you described could also be the result of the flu or a severe vitamin deficiency. Take one more test at the 25 day mark. The result you get from that test is most likely accurate.