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on anti depressants but want a baby

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I've been on anti depressants for 3months. I had mild depression. But iam now feeling 100% myself.
My doctor had given me 6months worth due to stop in dec. But I would like to start trying for a baby.
I'm want to stop my tablets but understand its not right to just stop taking them as this make effect depression to reoccur.
I read leaflet and said to contact dr if iam pregnant or want to become pregnant whilst on this medication.

I'm worried my doctor may tell me its not the right time to try for a baby as I suffered depression a few months back. But my partner and I are both wanting a baby,
And feel ready.

Any suggestions to wether its safe to carry on taking ' VENLAFAXLINE 37.5mg ' while trying for a baby and if I become pregnant.. Or
To stop my meds straight away and it still be safe for my health?


Anti depressants have an effect much like an addiction. Your body becomes used to the chemical. When you stop taking the drug, your body will react badly to it. What you feel when you stop the pills isn't a depression, but an odd hollow, empty feeling. People know that they don't feel right, that they don't feel happy, so they assume its depression. It takes a while for your body to adjust and get back up to speed after stopping the antidepressants.

If you want to stop taking the drug, slowly reduce the amount you take over time. It will cause less trouble for you in the long run.

Only you know why you were depressed. I hope you remove the cause of your depression before you start trying to have a child. Your child shares your life. What causes you problems causes your child problems as well.