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multiple births - increasing chances

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Is there a way to increase the chance of having twins or multiple births naturally?


i don't think so. if that were the case, there'd be too many twins or triplets now.. .


wow this is hard because it's hard to control circumstances when you are trying to conceive. I googled this and found that increasing your intake of follic acid helps and If you have a history of twinning in your family then it is a bit possible. But if you want a higher chance, there's IVF. For natural conception, there are just way to many variables to control... Cheers!


hmmm... do you have a history of twinning? but even that is up for debate, so I don't really have an answer for this. but you can always find advice on the web, just be wary you know coz lots of opinions and crazy posters out there! good luck!